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NADENT is a nationwide professional dental consulting firm headquartered at 333 W. Drake Road, Suite 21, Fort Collins, CO 80526 (970) 206-9267 offering our services to clients located in all 50 states and internationally.


NADENT's services consist of:


  • Analyzing dental records, including dental chart notes and radiographs (x-rays), treatment plans, narrative reports, Guest Incident Report or other type of Injury Report, MVA reports, Employer’s Report of Injury, medical reports (emergency room report, Doctors First Report of Injury), etc. as soon as possible following the date of alleged injury.

  • IME second opinion examinations. Although these are seldom needed over records reviews, when they are needed we arrange to have these performed in close proximity to the claimant's home.

  • Appearing as expert witnesses for depositions and in-court testimony on behalf of the insurance carrier.

Full reviews to determine causality and appropriateness and necessity of treatment. (Includes TMD claims, re-evaluations/re-reviews)


Fee audit only


Physical examination (IME) with report. (x-rays taken by and submitted by treating dentist will normally be used for this review; if they are unavailable or inadequate new or supplemental x-rays will be taken as part of IME)


Please contact us for a complete fee schedule. In the event of extraordinary circumstances which may arise from time to time, we will contact you and discuss the fee.


For arbitration or litigation appearance, please contact us for specific arrangements and fees.

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